Being gay-retard/Unintellegence is entirely mental illness/unintellegent

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Being gay-retard/Unintellegence is entirely mental illness/unintellegent

Post by Dr.Kran on Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:22 pm

A single/other surface/category with sensations/feeling.
Intelligence isn't gay-retard, which makes being a gay-retard unintelligent even when their mind is applied to intelligence..

A similar/same reflection/helium being applied to category/surface is being an unintelligent gay-retard.
The limb/waste applied/visible to people (editing)
Gay-retards people are mentally ill because of what's visible to them, making them.
Gay and retards are the same thing.

Mental illness/sleep.
Mental illness is also gay to you if one applies to you a male/female that reacts in place of you, then they're gay to you and is treated as their limb/waste being visible to you in a way that makes it so that you see whatever is applied to you which means that no one's truly gay unless they're the memory/being of gay-retard reflections.

Being but not knowing, applying to but isn't apart of to whatever they're visible to.
If a gay person said that they're intelligent then it's fraud/belief that they're intelligent when they're applied to something that isn't apart of them.

All categories/surfaces aren't gay, light/color isn't gay, surface/categories aren't gay, body isn't gay but gay is reflection against all of those making the limb/waste itself.

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